Keeping Your Jewelry Lustrous And Shiny

silver and solder

White gold is composed of gold and white colored metals such as nickel and palladium. White gold jewelry no longer contains nickel because it has been found to be unsafe against the wearer’s skin.

Because this mixture of metals does not look as white, clean and crisp as platinum (when cleaned), white gold jewelry is often coated with a platinum-like substance (member of the platinum family) called rhodium, to give it a flawless beauty appearance comparable to platinum jewelry at much less than the cost of platinum.

Jewelers now seal yellow gold with a white rhodium coating to give yellow gold jewelry the crisp appearance of real platinum. The layer of polish on rhodium will wear off in time and the yellow coloring will slowly emerge. Though it will never truly turn into yellow gold, it is still recommended to have your gold jewelry re-rhodiumed every three months to once a year to maintain it’s best color and shine.

Rhodium Plating is Also Performed on Platinum Jewelry!

The rhodium plating process seals the jewelry metal from being in contact with oxygen.  Some jewelers are also putting rhodium on platinum jewelry to keep platinum from becoming dull.

The quality of rhodium plating process can vary greatly. Applying only one coat of rhodium plating can make the rhodium finish become dull rather quickly with ordinary wear.

The truth is, platinum jewelry does get dull and rhodium is better than having your platinum buffed, but why cover your beautiful platinum with rhodium when rhodium itself will eventually become very dull.

How to Resolve Tarnishing Issues

We have a precious metal polishing cream that will keep your platinum looking like new platinum every day. Tell your jeweler about Radiance 2000 and how you can keep your crisp platinum – always looking like crisp platinum.

Radiance 2000 makes platinum jewelry metals look rich and beautiful and it will not remove the rhodium plating if the rhodium has been put on with two coats or with one coat of nickel – followed by one coat of rhodium. The plating on plating seems to enhance the plating process.

Underneath the dull tarnish on jewelry metals lies the jeweler’s original buffed finish and shine. White gold, yellow gold, titanium and platinum jewelry actually look their very best after they have been cleaned with Gemcare’s Radiance 2000 Tarnish Remover.

Now, you can keep your precious jewelry metals looking like new by removing the accumulated tarnish on the finish.