Repairs – Jewelry And Watches

jewelry repair

Master Jewelry Repair Service

Each of our stores has a jewelry repair shop on premises which does a wide range of jobs. From basic chain soldering and ring sizing to the creation of intricate platinum wire work, we can do it all.

Marinush specializes in custom remounting, whether using the customer’s stones in an existing piece, planning a new creation or selecting from a wide selection of semi mountings, our sales staff can help you in the design, and our shop staff can create a unique piece.

Creations start with a sketch, followed by a wax replica that can be cast in gold or platinum, giving the customer a wide degree of design input. As you can imagine, prices vary, but free estimates are always the rule.

In addition, we offer two types of engraving:

Machine engraving services are a great way to personalize a piece or commemorate a special occasion. Trophy and Presentation pieces can start a legacy or continue a tradition. Ask us for ideas;

Hand engraving is a so-called ‘lost art’, but it’s still practiced every day in our workshops. This extra touch is always appreciated whether matching a monogram, family crest, or any unusual design.

Master Watch Repair Service

Master watch repair services are based in our store, where our certified repairmen work on a wide range of wristwatches and pocket watches: from high-grade quartz movements like Piaget, Corum and Ebel, to high-grade mechanical movements like Rolex and Patek Phillipe.

Our watchmakers are certified by Rolex and Ebel, and continuously update their education and expertise with technical seminars from a wide-range of watch manufacturers. We have a large repair shop, with diagnostic and water testing equipment and a full wall of replacement parts.

Vintage wristwatches and pocket watches pose different challenges, mainly on the availability of replacement parts, but we pride ourselves on the expertise of our watchmakers.

As always, estimates, when required are at no charge and most battery replacement can be done immediately in each store.