Art Nouveau Engagement Ring & Art Deco Wedding Rings

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Many people have said that Art Nouveau engagement rings are daring and beautiful classic pieces of classic jewelry. However, the definition of Art Nouveau is “new art” and the model is reflective of the definition.

Art Noveau jewelry is characterized by feminine designs that incorporate sweeping strains and class that every woman loves. This is the era where jewelers used a variety of stones such as diamonds and metals to create fashion jewelry. This resulted in many of the unique looking rings we see today.

In fact, some of the most unusual jewelry masterpieces had also been created throughout this time period. The designs throughout this time period had been primarily based on nature. For instance, most of the carvings and etchings used designs derived from flowers, bugs, plants, and animals equivalent to peacocks. The strains have been very comfortable and feminine, and the entire designs are artistic and creative.

At that time, Japanese art also had a profound effect in the designs of the Art Nouveau engagement ring. The artists liked the distinctive characteristics of the Japanese art, and other people were fascinated by the brand new, mysterious model of Japan. It introduced in a new dimension that had not been beforehand experienced.

This magical aspect of jewelry creation was pursued in lots of Art Nouveau pieces. Designs mimicking dancers, mermaids, dragonflies, and different fairy story objects have been created. Some of these jewelry items also contained enamel coloring that looked identical to stained glass.

Art Noveau engagement rings go beyond being a ring for aesthetic wear — they are  murals that display the artist’s characteristics and ideas. Most of the jewelry items were made to be symbolic and they tell a narrative that the artist has hidden within the designs.